How to Save Money on Contact Lenses

For the visually impaired, contact lenses are a necessity. But just because they are a necessity doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save some money when buying your contacts. We’ve made it our mission to make eyecare affordable to everyone, so we curated this list of tips that can help you save money on your contact lenses.

Its important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices, so rather than trying to save money by overwearing your contacts, try some of our tips below to save money when buying your contacts.

Your eye doctor can help you find a more affordable brand

Talk to your eye doctor

Contact lenses required a prescription to purchase, and oftentimes your doctor will limit your prescription to a specific brand. Make sure to discuss your budget with your eye doctor, so they don’t prescribe you a more expensive brand.

Composite Image of Monthly Contact Lenses
Popular brands of monthly contact lenses.

Consider a weekly or monthly contact lens

Although doctors generally prefer to prescribe daily disposable lenses due to how hygienic they are, a weekly or monthly lens is usually a more affordable option. If you need toric lenses for astigmatism or multifocal lenses, then you definitely want to discuss a weekly or monthly lens with your eye doctor.

Our price comparison tool

Get your prescription and check prices online

Some eye doctors charge higher prices for your contact lenses than online retailers. Be sure to get a copy of your contact lens prescription from your eye doctor so you can shop around (they are legally required to give you one free of charge!). Many online shops offer much lower prices than local eye doctors, but they aren’t able to offer all rebates, so be sure to compare prices both ways.

Not sure who has the best prices? Use our price comparison tool to find your brand, and find the best price!

Check out manufacturer rebates

Each of the four major manufacturers of contact lenses offers rebates when you buy their lenses in bulk. Sometimes the rebates end up being cheaper than buying online, but it depends on the brand. One word of warning: many of the manufacturers will not give you a rebate if you buy from an online site, so make sure to read the fine print carefully!

Use your smartphone and computer to test your vision from your home!

Try an online vision test to renew your prescription

If your vision hasn’t changed recently and you are looking to save a few dollars, try using an online vision test to renew your prescription. Not only is it much more convenient than visiting an in person eye doctor, but they are usually much cheaper than the cost of a full eye exam at an eye doctor.

No matter your budget, there are contact lens options out there for you. By using one or more of these tips, you can definitely find ways to save money on your contacts. Just remember, you only get one pair of eyes, so don’t try to save money by stretching your contact lenses past the recommended wearing time.

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