Extreme H2O Delays

Extreme H2O is a popular contact lens for those with different cornea sizes. It has been around for 20 years, but has been having some supply chain issues recently. These supply chain issues have put some contact lens wearers in quite a bind, since they are unable to find their products.

What is Extreme H2O Contacts?

Extreme H2O Contacts are available in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly versions. The main unique feature of this product is the multiple diameter options to accommodate different cornea sizes. Most contact lenses only have one diameter option, which doesn’t always fit everyone.

Composite image of three different boxes of Extreme H20 Contacts
Different versions of Extreme H20 Contacts

Are Extreme H2O Contacts Discontinued?

No, they aren’t discontinued. However, new products haven’t been produced since the fall, when the brand was sold to a new owner. The new owner hasn’t released an official statement on when they will start producing more lenses, but sources say it could be soon.

If you have some extra lenses, you may be able to hold out until more lenses are produced. If you are running low and can’t find any of your prescription, we recommend contacting your doctor. They can get you a prescription for a new brand that doesn’t have these supply chain issues.

Where can I buy Extreme H2O contacts?

You can buy these products at most online contact lens shops. We have some links below to help you find the best price, but we recommend you check with the retailer to ensure they have your prescription in stock. Some retailers may have a larger backstock than others, so it is possible that one of them may have your prescription in stock.

Extreme H2O lenses are also sold directly by the manufacturer, which is not very common in the contact lens world. You can find their official site here. However, it should be noted their the prices on the manufacturer’s site are higher than on many other retailer’s websites. We always recommend using our price comparison tool to find the best price on any product!

Popular Extreme H2O Products

Do I need a prescription to order Extreme H2O?

Yes, US law requires all contact lens retailers to verify your contact lens prescription before they can ship your order. If you don’t have a copy of your contact lens prescription, the retailer can contact your doctor to verify your prescription.

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