Total30 Contact Lens Review

Are you looking for a monthly contact lens with brand new, innovative technology? Are you interested in a contact that stays moist for an entire month? If so, then you are probably looking for Aclon’s brand new Total30 monthly contact lens. Total30 hit the market in September 2021 and is full of a lot of exciting new technology.

Celligent Design that Mimics Your Eyes

One of the coolest innovations in Total30 is the Celligent design. The surface of your eye is made up of special cells that create a gel like tecture. The surface of Total30 is designed to mimic those special cells. Since the lens surface is design just like your corneal cells, it actually pushes away external items like lipids and bacteria. This keeps your contacts healthy all month long!

Water Gradient Tech Keeps Total30 Moist

Alcon introduced the Water Gradient technology in their Dailies Total1 product. This is a unique lens design that helps pull water into the edges of the contact lens, ensuring the lens stays moist all day long. In the new Total30, Alcon has improved the Water Gradient technology so it lasts all month long. 

According to a study that Alcon conducted, their water gradient tech keeps the Total30 lenses moist for over 2 times as long as other monthly lenses.

What is the Difference between Total30 and Dailies Total1?

If you are familiar with Alcon’s Dailies Total1, you may know that product also features the Water Gradient technology. Although both of these contacts contain that same technology and have similar names, they’re actually quite different.

To start, they are made of completely different materials. Total1 is made of delefilcon and Total30 is made of lehfilcon. Total1 is designed to only last one day of wear and cannot be reused. Total30 is designed to keep moisture for an entire month. Despite the similarities, these two contact lenses are not interchangable. 


For now, Total30 only comes in one base curve (8.4) and one diameter (14.2). Alcon may choose to make this product available in more base curves or diameters in the future.

Total30 has sphere powers from -12.00 all the way to +8.00. That range should cover most people wearing spherical contact lenses.

Does Total30 come in Toric for Astigmatism?

Yes, Total30 for Astigmatism was launched in December 2022. It has all the same great technology as the regular Total30, but it is designed for astigmatism. The available astigmatism options are pretty broad, so it should cover most people. Since it is a new product, expect shipments for this astigmatism lens to take a little bit longer. You can find the best price here:

Does Total30 come in Multifocal for Presbyopia?

Since it is a brand new product, Total30 isn’t available in a multifocal lens for presbyopia yet. According to an interview with Alcon’s President, they anticipate launching a multifocal version of Total30 about 12 months after the regular Total30 launch. If you are looking for a multifocal contact lens in the meantime, check out our review on the best options.


Total30 is a brand new contact lens, so it is a little bit pricier than older contact lenses on the market. However, with the new technology in this lens that price difference is worth it! Most doctors are selling Total30 for around $65-$75 for a 6-pack, but you can often find it much cheaper online. Here are prices from some of the top retailers:

Pros and Cons


  • High oxygen permeability keeps your eyes healthy
  • Cutting edge material that mimics your corneal cell
  • Affordable price for a new monthly contact lens


  • Not available in toric or multifocal yet
  • Not a daily disposable

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, contact lenses are all about comfort. If you are looking for a monthly contact lens that beats every competitor on comfort, then Total30 is probably the lens for you. Be sure to ask your eye doctor if they have fitting kits for this new contact so you can try it for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sleep in Total30 Contacts?

No, you cannot sleep in Total30 contacts. You need to take them out each night before you go to bed and store them in solution. You can reuses these lenses for up to a month.

Can I get a rebate for Total30?

Yes, you can get a $15 manufacturer’s rebate when you purchase an annual supply of Total30 contacts.

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