How to Get Free Contacts

              We know that contact lenses are just as expensive as they are necessary! To help you save money on contact lenses, we’ve put together a list of free contacts programs. Some of these free trial programs require a trip to the doctor, while others can be claimed online. If you do a program that requires a fitting from an eye doctor, be sure to use our price comparison tool to make sure you get the cheapest price possible!

Free Acuvue Contacts

              Acuvue lenses are the most popular contact lenses in the world for a reason! With over a dozen different varieties of contact lenses, Acuvue has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for dailies, weeklies, or monthlies, Acuvue has you covered. And if you have an astigmatism or need multifocal lenses, don’t worry; Acuvue has those too!

              To claim your free Acuvue lenses, head over to their MyAcuvue website and fill out the free trial form. After you complete the form, Acuvue will give you a certificate for free trial lenses that you can redeem at your local eye doctor.

Free CooperVision Contacts

Like Acuvue, CooperVision is a popular manufacturer with options for all contact lens wearers. While CooperVision is best known for their Biofinity brand of monthly lenses, they also make daily disposable contact lenses like Clariti 1-Day.

CooperVision is currently offering free trial lenses on all of their major brands. To get your free CooperVision trial lenses, just complete this form at CooperVision’s website. Once you complete the form, CooperVision will send you a certificate for the trial lenses of your choice, which you can redeem at your local eye doctor.

Free Alcon Contacts

Alcon may be best known for their multiple color contact lenses, but they also offer a number of daily and monthly lenses as well. Unlike Acuvue or CooperVision, Alcon has separate free trial programs for each of their different lenses. Below, you can find links to get a certificate from each of the programs. Like other manufacturers, Alcon requires you to redeem the free trial certificate from a local eye doctor.

Free Bausch & Lomb Contacts

Bausch and Lomb makes the popular BioTrue contact lens solution that so many of us use. They also make several brands of contact lenses, including BioTrue OneDay, PureVision, and Ultra. Like Alcon, Bausch and Lomb has separate free trial programs for each of their popular brands of lenses.

Free Hubble Contacts

Unlike the other trials on this page, Hubble’s trial can be claimed online directly from their website. Hubble makes their own brand of contact lenses and sells the direct to the consumer. This business model allows them to offer unparalleled low prices since there’s no retail markup.

Hubble’s free trial gives you 15 pairs of daily lenses for just $1,so it is basically free! And since it doesn’t require a doctor’s visit like the other trials, you can sign up from the comfort of home!

Free Waldo Contacts

Like Hubble, Waldo is another company that manufacturers their own brand of lenses that they sell directly to consumers. Waldo lenses are affordable and breathable, which is probably why this company is growing so fast! They also offer a number of other eyecare products, like eye drops and bluelight blocking glasses.

To claim your Waldo free trial of 10-pairs of daily lenses, just head over to their website and pay the low shipping fee.

If you need more than just a few pairs of contacts, Waldo also offers a neat eyeware starter kit. It includes their popular contacts, as well as their own brand of hydrating eye drops and a cute toiletry bag to hold everything. At only $7, it’s a great deal!

Contact Lens Reviews

              If you aren’t sure which contact lens free trial is right for you, check out our contact lens reviews. These reviews are full of information about the different contact lens brands on the market today. Especially if you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, it is helpful to go to the doctor’s office prepared with different options.

And once you get your free trial and prescription, be sure to check back and compare prices with our price comparison tool to make sure you get the cheapest price on your contact lenses as possible!

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