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There’s nothing worse than when one of your favorite products gets discontinued. What’s even more frustrating is when this product happens to be your favorite contact lens brand. At the end of 2019, a contact lens by the name of Frequency 55 was discontinued by Coopervision, leaving some of us looking for the best alternative possible to this specific brand of contact lenses. While some retailers do have limited quantities of Frequency 55 left in stock, that won’t last forever.

Frequency 55 Aspheric 6-pack
Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses were discontinued in 2019.

If you’re in this boat, don’t worry: below, we’ve listed some of our top alternatives to Frequency 55, as well as everything you’ll need to know about each specific brand. All of these options are made of the highest-quality materials, so choosing a new brand is easier than ever.

By the way, contact lenses are a prescription medical device and switching brands requires a new prescription. After reading everything below, you’ll need to visit your doctor for a new prescription, or try an online vision test.

Biofinity 6-pack
The Biofinity brand is the top selling monthly contact lens on the market right now.


If you were drawn to the Frequency 55 contact lenses because of their monthly use, CooperVision’s Biofinity can give you just what you need. This high-quality, monthly disposable contact lens uses Aquaform Comfort Science technology to give you the best wear possible. This type of technology isn’t as complicated as it sounds; essentially, it is the result of high-oxygen performance combined with naturally wet lens material. This also creates a great option for those of us who struggle with dry eyes, as Biofinity’s lenses are water-retaining to keep your eye hydrated all day long. All in all, Biofinity will feel even more comfortable on your eye than any of your previous lenses.

As we mentioned, these premium lenses are monthly wears, just like Frequency 55. So, you only need one pair of contacts per month before disposing of them and turning to a new set. Just make sure you don’t forget to change your contact solution daily!

CooperVision’s Biofinity contacts are also available in extended range (XR)toric for astigmatism and multifocal for presbyopia, as well as a toric multifocal lens! Biofinity also offers an Extended Range Toric for those with high powers of astigmatism.

Proclear 6-pack
Proclear is another popular monthly contact lens.


CooperVision also offers another high-quality monthly disposable lens from ProClear. ProClear is a reliable, comfortable contact lens that is completely resistant to dehydration and discomfort. With moisture-producing technology that’ll leave your eyes feeling refreshed all day, these contacts prove themselves to be a strong alternative to Frequency 55.

When it comes to dry or sensitive eyes, ProClear is actually one of the few contact brands that has been approved by the FDA to actively claim that they help with dry eyes. Not to mention, this brand also has one of the largest varieties in contact lenses, all of which focus on bringing comfort, oxygen, and moisture to the eyes. Whether you need contacts for astigmatism or presbyopia, ProClear offers options for you– not just in monthly replacements, either. If you’re someone who doesn’t like keeping the same pair of contacts for a whole month, ProClear also offers a daily disposable version, as well as toric for astigmatism and multifocal for presbyopia. Special Multifocal Toric lenses are also available for those with both astigmatism and presbyopia.

No matter how attached you were to your Frequency 55 lenses, ProClear’s consistent five-star reviews and total comfort will give you a brand-new favorite.

Acuvue Oasys has been the most popular weekly contact lens brand for over a decade.

Acuvue Oasys

If you’ve heard of any contact brand, it’s probably Acuvue Oasys— and for good reason. Acuvue Oasys is one of the world’s leading contact brands, with 7 out of 10 patients saying it’s the most comfortable contact brand they’ve ever worn. In order to achieve this optimal comfort, Acuvue uses Hydraclear Plus technology. This extremely breathable lens material to allow the best flow of oxygen to the cornea as possible. When your eyes are able to comfortably breathe while staring at the computer or reading documents all day, discomfort and dryness become a thing of the past.

Something that Acuvue Oasys offers that Frequency 55 wishes it did is UV protection. Acuvue Oasys’ contact lenses are designed to block out almost 100% of UVB and UVA rays, keeping your eyes healthy even when out in the sun. Though it’s typically not recommended to wear your contacts without eyewear protection, Acuvue Oasys can still keep your eyesight protected just in case you forget. Speaking of forgetting, these contacts are also FDA approved for extended wear. If you accidentally fall asleep in these contacts, your eyesight isn’t going to be in jeopardy. Just make sure you don’t do it often.

Finally, this particular contact lens proves to be a perfect replacement for Frequency 55 because of its variety. Their 2-week lenses are available for those with astigmatism and presbyopia and also two different base curves to choose from in case your cornea isn’t as flat as someone else’s. All in all, Acuvue Oasys makes a versatile, comfortable contact lens that can easily replace your old ones.

Ultra 6-pack
Ultra monthly lenses are another great option for those switching from Frequency 55.

Bausch & Lomb Ultra

As a newer brand in the contact world, Bausch & Lomb Ultra is quickly making a name for itself because of its high-quality lenses. Coming out in the midst of our technological world, Bausch & Lomb designed this contact to handle our brightly lit screens. Looking at our phones or computers can dry our eyes out drastically, so Bausch & Lomb’s Ultra contact lenses are made using MoistureSeal technology. This type of technology allows for the contact to hold moisture all day long– up to 16 hours. With materials that make the contact breathable, moisture, and comfortable on the eye, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them, even when the day begins to wind down.

Unlike Frequency 55 lenses, Bausch & Lomb’s Ultra lenses even make seeing (and driving) in the dark easier. They are made with something called aspheric optics which are designed to eliminate glare or halos that appear when seeing at night. When you’re driving, seeing clearly is crucial to your safety and others. With these lenses, you don’t have to worry about excess glares or distracting halos while you’re trying to travel.

Bausch & Lomb Ultra are a monthly disposable lens just like Frequency 55. They, too, have options for those with astigmatism and presbyopia. In fact, they have individual contact lenses for each type of condition, as well as a lens for both. Called Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism, this type of contact lens claims to correct not only astigmatism but presbyopia as well. Truly, no matter what you’re looking for in a contact lens, Bausch & Lomb has for you. With them, Frequency 55 will soon become a distant memory.

Final Thoughts

No matter what contact lens you’re thinking of switching to, always get in touch with your eye doctor first. They will know exactly which option is best for you, especially when going from a discontinued contact lens. Luckily for you, more and more contact lenses are becoming available that grant not only better eyesight for you, but a more comfortable experience overall. This way, you won’t have to rely on your glasses for too long after running out of your last pairs of Frequency 55s.

Whether you have dry eyes, itchy eyes, astigmatism, or presbyopia, CheapestLenses.com has you covered. Once you and your eye doctor establish what’s best, we’ll be here to help you find the most affordable, efficient contact lens options. Don’t wait until you’re completely out of your Frequency 55 contacts before figuring out what comes next. Instead, find the contact brand that most appeals to you, and have a conversation with your optometrist today.

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