5 Reasons to Buy Contacts At Warby Parker

With prices increasing everywhere, saving money on your contacts has never been more important. One of the best ways to save your hard earned money is by shopping at Warby Parker. You may have heard of Warby Parker’s popular glasses, but they also carry contacts at some great prices.

1. Get Your Contacts & Glasses at the Same Place

Warby Parker offers glasses and contacts on one convenient website, or at their in person locations. Shopping at one location can save you time (and money on gas by reducing trips). Warby Parker frequently offers discounts and deals when you purchase your contacts and glasses from them.

2. Comprehensive Eye Exam or Online Prescription Renewal

Warby Parker also offers both in-person comprehensive eye exams and online prescription renewals. If you are due for your regular eye exam, you can get it done at a Warby Parker location and get your glasses & contacts there too. If you just need to renew your prescription to purchase more contacts, they also offer a convenient online renewal tool. All you need is your iPhone and 10 feet of space. If you’re eligible, a Warby Parker doctor will renew your prescription in just 10 minutes.

3. Get Any Popular Brand, or Their House Brand Scout

No matter what your brand is, Warby Parker carries it. If you are looking for a brand new brand of contacts, Warby Parker offers their own called Scout. Scout lenses are daily lenses that you throw out at the end of the day. Daily lenses are the healthiest option according to more eye doctors. Scout comes in a unique, sleek packaging so there’s significantly less waste compared to other daily contacts.

4. Warby Parker Accepts FSA/HSA Cards

Many employers offer an HSA/FSA program that lets you put away pretax dollars to spend on healthcare related items. Contact lenses and glasses (and annual eye exams) all count as healthcare related expenses and are eligible for HSA/FSA. There are a few requirements and restrictions on using your FSA/HSA dollars, so be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

5. New Customers Save 15% on All Contacts Purchases

You read that right! On top of their already low prices, Warby Parker is offering an extra 15% off all contacts purchases for new customers. You can even purchase up to an annual supply to maximize your savings!

Next time you need to get more contacts (or need to get your prescription renewed), be sure to check out Warby Parker. Between their discounts and their great customer service, you are sure to get an amazing deal!

**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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